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Myakka State Park July 3, 2008


I had an unexpected day off Thursday, July 3rd and my mom was in town still, so we took it as a sign and met her at Myakka River State Park for the day (well, morning anyway). She kept finding deer standing on or near the road every time I was off taking pictures somewhere while she drove off for one reason or another. Finally got to see a baby deer and track it through the woods snapping pictures along the way. I hope you enjoy the pictures half as much as I enjoyed taking them.

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Myakka State Park December 27, 2009


Myakka State Park with Carey and the parentals. Not a lot to see, but it was a nice day.

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Myakka State Park - Oct 2013


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Myakka State Park - January 20, 2008


Myakka River State Park is one of the nicest state parks in the area, and we tend to take it for granted since we grew up not too far away. They have plenty to see and do there. I definitely recommend the sky walk.

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Silver River State Park


Silver River State Park in Ocala, FL is home to some of the clearest water you'll see. I forget the numbers, but a LOT of spring water flows along the river that borders the park and gives it it's name. A decent amount of wildlife can be seen through the park and the clarity of the water can mesmerize you for quite some time.

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Largo County Parks


We went to a few different county operated parks in Largo, FL with my parents one day. We had a lot of fun on the playground at one, plus plenty of birds and other small creatures to see.

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Homosassa Springs State Park


Homosassa Springs State Park is a truly unique park. Think of a mix between a state park and a zoo. All of the animals are in habitats like a zoo, yet they are all native Florida animals, with the obvious exception of Lou the hippo. He lived here back when the park wasn't a state park, but a winter home for the animals for a movie studio. Lou was a famous movie star and when the park started clearing out the non-native animals, the local residents fought for his right to stay. The governor made Lou an honorary citizen so he didn't have to pack his bags.

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