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Serengeti Safari


We took my brother and his wife to Busch Gardens to do the Serengeti Safari with them as a Christmas gift to her.

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Lowry Park Zoo 12-31-2010


Lane and I went to Lowry Park Zoo on New Year's Eve

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Busch Gardens - 04-26-2008


We went up to Busch Gardens with Steve and Salina for the last weekend they opened Jungala early for passport holders. It took them a while to get through since the card reader didn't like Salina not paying her bill, but we got in just fine. The tigers had gotten their chicken popsicles, so they weren't nearly as interesting this trip, but I still managed to get a few good photos. Enjoy!

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Lowry Park Zoo Jan 2009


Another trip to Lowry Park Zoo, this time with my mom. The cheetahs and clouded leopard were cooperating :)

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Lowry Park Zoo Oct 2009


We had a nice cold snap this weekend so we decided to make a run to Lowry. It was a nice day. The animals seemed to be enjoying the mid 70s weather as opposed to the 90s we've been enduring for months now. Enjoy!

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Lowry Park Zoo 11-13-2010


Carey and I went to the Lowry Park Zoo for the first time in over a year. Love that place!

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Lion Country Safari


Our trip through Lion Country Safari — October 28th, 2011

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Busch Gardens 5-4-2014


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Universal Studios 2-2015


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Busch Gardens Lions


Busch Gardens has a decent lion habitat. Some areas you have thick glass between you and the lions, where other areas you just have a fence and large chasm keeping them from using you as a mid-morning snack. Either way, you can get some nice views of the big cats lounging around enjoying their peaceful days.

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Lowry Park Zoo March 2009


Lowry Park Zoo - March 14th, 2009
The white tiger cubs were having a blast playing and the orangutan baby was extremely cute perched on mom's back. Good day!

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Busch Gardens Sept 2009


My favorite 44 pictures from our short trip to Busch Gardens on 9-19-2009

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