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Busch Gardens - Mar 28, 2010


Another Busch Gardens trip - great day for the lions!

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Lowry Park Zoo 5-4-2011


Carey and I took a vacation day and went to Lowry Park Zoo. A bit toasty, but it sure beat working!

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Jungle Gardens


First time I've been to Jungle Gardens in probably 20 years. Not a very large place, but feeding the flamingos is definitely a cool thing to do.

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Lowry Park Zoo 10-5-2011


From our October 5th, 2011 trip to Lowry Park Zoo

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Lowry Park Zoo - Sept. 2012


Pictures from my trip with Carey to Lowry Park Zoo on Sept. 24, 2012

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Jungle Gardens 3/2014


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Zoo Atlanta


I was in Atlanta for work doing some training for the week and had my boss let me stay an extra day to go to the zoo. I thought I had heard great things about their zoo, but apparently I was mistaken. Boy am I glad my sweetie finagled me a free ticket. I got there around 9 when it opened and was depressed when I'd seen it all by 12:30 and was ready to leave. If it weren't for the Panda and primates, Zoo Atlanta would have been a complete bust :(

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Lowry Park Zoo Nov 2008


We went to Lowry Park Zoo Saturday after Thanksgiving because of the newborn white tiger cubs. They turned eight weeks old that day. So completely adorable! The cheetahs were out pacing too, so it was a nice cat day. Didn't really spend any time at all by the primates, or many of the other habitats really. Here are some of the better pictures from the day.

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Lowry Park Zoo Dec 2008


We went to Lowry Park Zoo again with our annual passes. It was a beautiful day! The highlight was the friendly kangaroo that tried to climb both Carey and myself!

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Busch Gardens - Mar 7, 2010


Our last trip to Busch Gardens before we cancel our annual passes. Got a few nice photos. Really glad the lion decided to sit up for me - at least for a little while.

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Giraffe Ranch


We went to Giraffe Ranch where we did the truck tour and we fed the lemurs. Very cool experience, but the owner has a bit of a sordid past, so I'm not sure I can recommend the place.

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Georgia Aquarium


My extra day in Atlanta after training for work would have been a bust had it not been for the Georgia Aquarium. I had heard good things about it, but did not realize it is the largest aquarium in the world - both by square footage and by gallons. I highly recommend a stop there if you get the chance.

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