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Suncoast Primate Sanctuary


We spent part of our Sunday at Suncoast Primate Sanctuary in Palm Harbor. Here is some of what we saw today.

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Discovery Cove Underwater


These are pictures from our underwater camera taken during our day at Discovery Cove in Orlando. We LOVE that place! They have the coolest lazy river I've ever seen, and it even flows through their bird aviary - you go under a waterfall on either end that keeps the birds from flying the coop.

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Discovery Cove Aviary


So this is the bird aviary at Discovery Cove. They have food you can feed them and three different sections housing different kinds of birds. Float on through the lazy river and then up into the aviary, or go straight into it from a beach so you don't get your camera wet. What's not to love?!

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Big Cat Rescue


We went to visit the big cats at Big Cat Rescue in Tampa back in April of 2007. They have a wide collection of animals they have rescued from various plights. Other than having to take all the pictures through the cages, it was a very neat place. You can visit them at

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Lowry Park Zoo


Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa is definitely a must see if you have time. I was spoiled by a couple trips there with school growing up and now measure other zoos against it. I won't mention any names, but Atlanta has a zoo that's nothing compared to this zoo. We've been there four time in the last couple years. :)

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Amazing Exotics


We went to Amazing Exotics in Umatilla to pet the tigers. We also got to play with the baby monkeys. What Carey didn't know is that I planned to propose to her while we were there. Definitely caught her by surprise :)

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