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Monk Seal in Hawaii


This was from our 2005 trip to Hawaii with Steve and Salina. The monk seal was very friendly and was quite playful. What a truly humbling experience to watch them zip around the water with almost no effort while we are lucky to fight off a strong current.

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Scuba Diving June 1, 2008


We took Steven Watterson out to the Landing Craft 8 miles off Longboat Key to initiate him into the world of scuba diving. He did well, just sucking down a lot of air as all newbies do. Nice water, decent vis, and two tank made all around good day. Hopefully the last dive off that boat! TONS of barracuda hovered above us.
Check out the recent videos section of the website to see three clips from these dives.

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Scuba Diving July 27, 2008


Stephen and I went to the M1 Barge off Sarasota today to relax underwater. I got too many blurry pictures, but I'm better with a real camera than a point/shoot. It's kinda hard to tell if you got a good picture while you are underwater, but also hard to go back and take another, so I'm posting some blurry ones because you can still get the point.

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Scuba Diving - Fin Barge - 5-31-2009


Scuba diving with Carey, Steve and Salina at the Fin Barge on Sunday, May 31st 2009

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Scuba Diving 7-26-2009


Steve, Steve, Dad and I went diving (after we waiting out the 2 hour thunder/lightning storm).

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Scuba 6-28-08


Carey and I went out on Jim's boat with him and his girlfriend, Lisa. She isn't certified yet and planned to snorkel around the boat while we were diving. Turns out, she's not too fond of the barracudas so we shot one when we were done diving just for her.

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Scuba Diving August 17-29, 2008


These pictures are from four different trips between August 17th and August 28th. Different types of dives, all fun :) Getting my money's worth out of the equipment in this stretch.

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Scuba 2010-06-20


Scuba Diving on the Fin Barge and Doc's Barge - June 20, 2010

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Fin Barge 6-11-2011


Steve and I took a trip out to the Fin Barge on June 11th, 2011. Saw some cool stuff.

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Scuba Diving 6-12-2009


Steve and I took my brother-in-law Rob out for his first scuba dive in a few years. We had two fairly nice dives. The visibility wasn't great, but not horrible either.
We saw tons of things — plenty of jewfish, starfish, small grouper and snapper, trigger fish, flounder, ornamental reef fish, and even a ginormous sea turtle on the surface.

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Scuba Diving 8-8-2009


Scuba trip to the Fin Barge with the Steve's

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Key Largo 2011


Steve, Mike and I headed to Key Largo for Memorial Weekend with grand plans of mass diving. We got in five dives and saw some neat wrecks, even if the full plan didn't come to fruition.

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