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_MG_1708.jpgLooks like she's running into the trees63 views
_MG_1717.jpgI like to watch her while she's taking a bath63 views
_MG_1707.jpgThis one needs to eat more to fatten up for winter57 views
_MG_1726.jpgThis bird needs to see a chiropractor. Look at that neck!69 views
_MG_1759.jpgI think Carey just snapped a twig trying to follow me to the deer70 views
_MG_1747.jpgThe stork caught some lunch66 views
_MG_1760.jpgDucking under the palm frond to see me70 views
_MG_1764.jpgReady to jump away from the camera69 views
_MG_1785.jpgSome water plants Carey thought looked like something out of the Wizard of Oz71 views
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