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_MG_8998.jpgDo birds ever stop cleaning their feathers?21 views
_MG_8977.jpgAt least one of us was looking at the camera23 views
_MG_8980.jpgAwww, who doesn't think baby ducks are cute?23 views
_MG_9003.jpgThe Roseate Spoonbill looking to escape the cage22 views
_MG_9020.jpgSticking his gizzle-gozzle out at us while Carey ate some popcorn21 views
_MG_9026.jpgWet paw in 3...2...1...23 views
_MG_9036.jpgA little refreshment break24 views
_MG_9031.jpgTraipsing through the water to cool off23 views
_MG_9043.jpgLeap of faith24 views
_MG_9067.jpgA little water then a little lunch23 views
_MG_9074.jpgSmiling at her dinner22 views
_MG_9078.jpgPlaying with her food23 views
_MG_9099.jpgMy, what great posture you have23 views
_MG_9100.jpgCarey picking ticks off the monkey statue25 views
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