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_MG_7939.jpgHow very nice of him to sit still for a portrait :)75 views
_MG_7525.jpgThe hard part of taking this picture was working around the rude, inconsiderat bastards stepping in front with their camera phones57 views
_MG_7565.jpgThis gorilla was posing nicely, and they weren't even feeding him56 views
_MG_6966.jpgThe baby elephant bit off more than it could chew!52 views
_MG_7031.jpgTHIS is why turtles evolved the ability to retract their heads!139 views
_MG_6616.jpgNo, I am NOT a Sea Gull with "egg on its face," thank you very much!60 views
_MG_6235.jpgI'm not sure what all these wine freaks are talking about, grapes taste awesome without fermenting them!57 views
_MG_6143.jpgA really brightly colored bird that was eating live worms out of Carey's hand51 views
_MG_6193.jpgHere's Carey feeding some little bird in the aviary at Discovery Cove.48 views
_MG_2080.jpgDiscovery Cove is a really cool place to go. This spotted ray was in their coral reef.48 views
IMG_1061.jpgIt was nice of someone to put a fan in this fake tree :)44 views
_MG_7853.jpgHow many steroids does he take?!66 views
IMG_1902.jpgIt's like Where's Waldo...can you see the octopus hiding?42 views
_MG_6098.jpgHe has some weird stuff on his wings, but he was kind enough to stick around for a portrait :)43 views
IMG_4998.jpgFrom the wedding cruise archives, me on a mission to win a "Ship on a Stick" for my wife.58 views
IMG_1825.jpgJewfish Size Put To Scale48 views
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