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_MG_6216.jpgI almost got the cage blurred out of this picture35 views
_MG_6223.jpgWhite pelicans have to nap too ya know30 views
_MG_6207.jpgBird taking a bath in the trees30 views
_MG_6217.jpgThis one came out pretty nice considering the lighting was low and I was real far away.30 views
_MG_6213.jpgAnother monkey you can't see very well30 views
_MG_6194.jpgIt's a shame everything was behind cages, he was beautiful33 views
_MG_6214.jpgYet another kind of monkey behind bars33 views
_MG_6254.jpgApparently the water near him tastes bad, so he reaches out for fresh31 views
_MG_6255.jpgHe had to lean his head back to swallow after stretching it out there30 views
_MG_6229.jpgSmall, but menacing looking37 views
_MG_6209.jpgIt's a cool monkey, but again with the cages31 views
_MG_6234.jpgHis wing span is over 10 feet, but I can't remember what the hell it is31 views
_MG_6232.jpgRob wanted to wrestle this guy37 views
_MG_6248.jpgHow can you feed the fish when the ducks come in and take it all30 views
_MG_6236.jpgAnother long range bird shot, no cage but I had to keep the buildings out of the background33 views
_MG_6311.jpgCarey kept feeding this guy branches off a nearby tree35 views
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