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_MG_5603.jpgNot sure what the building is, but I thought the flags looked cool86 views
_MG_5589.jpgI'm feeling very into sisters right now40 views
_MG_5581.jpgCourtney and Rob at the Alamo36 views
_MG_5607.jpgThere are a lot of little bridges around the riverwalk36 views
_MG_5612.jpgDid I mention a LOT of bridges?33 views
_MG_5625.jpgApparently some flood pushed this tree up into the wall when it was tiny and it just grew out of there44 views
_MG_5598.jpgAflac77 views
_MG_5616.jpgThis building has gargoyles at the corners and when it rains, the runoff comes out of their mouths.39 views
_MG_5643.jpgLook, it's a freestanding wall - or an optical illusion47 views
_MG_5632.jpgOne of those pictures Carey told me to take50 views
_MG_5621.jpgOh look, it's a bridge41 views
_MG_5577.jpgKathy and Denny at the Alamo42 views
_MG_5596.jpgFoot bridge over the "river"47 views
_MG_5594.jpgDenny was roped into helping Logan up and down all the stairs42 views
_MG_5591.jpgArt? I don't it, but I'm sure someone thinks it's great38 views
_MG_5676.jpgThese birds kept stealing the sweet & low packets44 views
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